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Abyss & Apex
Issue 26, Second Quarter 2008

Ashley, Allen
The Elastic Book of Numbers (ed.)
Urban Fantastic

Birtolo, Dylan
The Shadow Chaser

Bisson, Terry
Numbers Don't Lie

Bott, Claire
Time Hunter: The Clockwork Woman

Brooke, Keith

Brust, Steven
The Gypsy (with Megan Lindholm)

Burr, James
Ugly Stories for Beautiful People

Burton, David C.
Hell Cop

Campbell, Ramsey
The Grin of the Dark

Issue 37: July-Sept 2008

Cobley, Michael
Iron Mosaic

Connell, Brendan
Dr Black and the Guerrillia
The Translation of Father Torturo

Copithorne, Dana
The Steam Magnate

Couzens, Gary
Deep Ten (ed. with Sara-Jayne Townsend)
Extended Play: The Elastic Book of Music (ed.)

Coward, Mat
So Far, So Near

Tales from the Secret City

Cyr, Heidi
X and Y and Other Like Stories

De Pierres, Marianne
Nylon Angel

Diet Soap
Issue 2: Sex and Gender

Duncan, Hal

Duntemann, Jeff
The Cunning Blood

Electric Velocipede
Issue 10

Faust, Minister
The Coyote Kings of the Space-Age Bachelor Pad

In Search of a Midnight Kiss

Fintushel, Eliot
Breakfast with the Ones You Love

Frost, Gregory
Attack of the Jazz Giants and Other Stories

Gaiman, Neil
Fragile Things

Gibson, Cleveland W.

Gibson, Gary
Angel Stations

Grant, John
New Writings in the Fantastic

Green, Jonathan
Unnatural History

Green, Mitis
The Ardly Effect

GUD Magazine
Issue 1: Autumn 2007

Gunn, James
Gift from the Stars

Gurwitch, Annabelle
Fired! Tales of the Canned, Canceled, Downsized and Dismissed

Hall, Steven
The Raw Shark Texts

Hemingway, Amanda
The Greenstone Grail

Hendrix, Howard V.
The Labyrinth Key

Herter, David
On the Overgrown Path

Hook, Andrew

The Alsiso Project (ed.)
Moon Beaver

Huff, Tanya
Blood Price
Stealing Magic

Issue 217: August 2008
Issue 218: October 2008

Kaye, Marvin
The Dragon Quintet (ed.)

Issue XIV: Thebe

Lebbon, Tim

Lee, Tony
Premonitions: Causes for Alarm (ed.)

Lennon, J. Robert
Pieces for the Left Hand

Lindholm, Megan
The Gypsy (with Steven Brust)

Lone Star Stories
Issue 28, August 2008

McBean, Brett
The Last Motel

McCarthy, Tom

MacCauley, Kay
The Man Who Was Loved

Malcolm, Claire
Magnetic North: New Work from North East Writers (ed.)

Mann, George
The Solaris Book of New Science Fiction (ed.)
Time Hunter: The Severed Man

Marley, Louise
Singer in the Snow

Midnight Street
Issue 6 (Winter 2005/6)

Moore, Christopher
A Dirty Job

Morden, Simon
Brilliant Things

Nazarian, Vera
The Clock King and the Queen of the Hourglass
The Duke in His Castle

Cone Zero

Newell, Paul J.
The Turning

Nevill, Adam L.G.
Banquet for the Damned

Nicholls, Stan
Orcs: The Omnibus Edition

Page, Ra
Parenthesis (ed.)

Parker, Rosalie
Strange Tales (ed.)

Parziale, Michael
Twilight of the Past: A Rift in Time

Pettersson, Vicki
The Scent of Shadows

Issue 14: Spring 2008

Rabid Transit
Long Voyages, Great Lies

Ramsden, Chris Lee
Small Voices, Big Confessions (ed.)

Redwood, Steve
The Heisenberg Mutation and Other Transfigurations
Who Needs Cleopatra?

Rhodes, Dan

Robinson, Neil
Oliphan Oracus

St. Clair, Jennifer
The Secret of Redemption

Vol. 1, Issue 3

Secombe, Andy
The Last House in the Galaxy

Shunn, William
An Alternate History of the 21st Century

Sinha, Indra
Animal's People

Snow Patrol
Final Straw considered by DH

Something Wicked
Issue 6, Summer 2008

Svendsen, Hanne Marie
Under the Sun

Swann, David
The Last Days of Johnny North

Swartz, Mark

Teague, Christopher
Triquorum One (ed.)

Tevis, Walter

Townsend, Sara-Jayne
Deep Ten (ed. with Gary Couzens)

VanderMeer, Jeff
Shriek: an Afterword

Welch, Patrick

Welsh, Louise
The Bullet Trick

Whiteley, Aliya
Light Reading
Mean Mode Median
Three Things About Me

Williams, Conrad
The Unblemished

Williamson, Neil
The Ephemera

Wooding, Chris
The Fade

Wright, Sean
Jaarfindor Remade
The Twisted Root of Jaarfindor
Wicked or What?
Interview with Sean Wright

Wright, T.M.
I am the Bird

Yamaguchi, Jeffrey
52 Projects: Random Acts of Everyday Creativity

Yolen, Jane
The Pit Dragon Chronicles

Zebrowski, George

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